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Ataca & La Alemana

Tanja began teaching professionally in 2008 with Jorge "Ataca" Burgos. Initially they were primarily dancing salsa but switched to a bachata emphasis after a friend of Tanja recommended they do a routine together. They have a dance organization called Island Touch Dance Academy that currently has 15 teams scattered across the globe.

Billie & Ahtoy

Burju Perez

Burju was born in Istanbul, raised in New York and currently resides in Massachusetts happily married to dance and business partner Victor Perez. She has been a professional Latin dancer since 2000 having toured over 100 cities worldwide teaching and performing. Her current schedule includes 2-3 weekends a month of travel abroad to International Salsa and Latin Festivals. When she is not traveling she directs and choreographs for HYM Latin Dance Co. and award winning teen group Ritmo En Accion. She teaches and manages other teachers in the Learn Through Dance in-school Latin dance program. Her background includes Hip Hop, Modern, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Latin. Burju is also a main judge for the World Salsa Championships and has her own line of funky dance shoes. An artist and entrepreneur, Burju demonstrates how the arts can lead to self-fulfillment.

Burju has worked very hard to develop her own style of Salsa that incorporates her background in different disciplines. She took her unique and funky style and in 2009 launched her own shoe line call Burju Shoes. Her shoes like her dance style embodies her philosophy about artistic expression which is to be unique and bold. Burju met her husband, and best friend through dance, which is the main reason it remains such a major part of her life. Dance has given them the opportunity to be entrepreneurs together and to travel the world together.

Chaves & Silvia

Daniel & Desiree

Daniel and Desiree are one of the hottest Bachata couples in Europe, and now, in the world! In a short partnership of only 3 years, they have achieved multiple titles, including the 2012 World Bachata Masters. Together, Daniel and Desiree have more than 15 years of combined dancing experience. They are known for their Bachata, but they also teach all kinds of Latin dancing. Some of their titles include Campeones BachataStars EspaƱa 2010, Subcampeones BachataStars Europe 2011, and Campeones World Bachata Masters 2012.

Delia & Charlie

Erika Caliente

Eymar & Jen - Salsa Heat

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